Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merrily we "Roll" Along

December is Christmas party time at Heritage Gardens, and lots of lunch and dinner parties means lots of our famous Heritage Garden rolls. I am the official and only maker of the rolls so I have been busy lately. From last Saturday to Today, I made over 1800 rolls. Want to know how to make 1800 rolls? It takes:

200 pounds flour
4 1/2 cups salt
108 Tablespoons yeast (that's 6 3/4 cups)
9 gallons milk
13 1/2 quarts water
216 eggs
20 pounds butter

Then spend about 35 hours mixing, rolling, flipping, baking, and buttering rolls (if you have had lots of practice or it may take a little longer.) Oh, and I only got butter in my eye twice.