Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kaity's Baptism

It is time that we update a bit on our blog. The next big event for us was the Baptism of Kaity. She has been so excited for the last week and finally the day has come. For the last week she has had Grandpa practice at least every night to make sure she was comfortable with what was going to happen. Kaity had asked Grandpa to Baptize her and Uncle Michael to Confirm her with Grandpa, Papa , Tyler, and Bishop Peterson in the circle. It was a great day and we could all feel of the Spirit. There was only 2 being Baptized in our Stake so it was not rushed at all and we could just take as much time as needed to visit and enjoy the experience together. It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to Baptize any one. It was a beautiful day for all.
The Kids were excited to be there as you can see she wanted to take a picture with her Brother and Sister and cousins except as usual Hailey did not want her picture taken.
It was great to have the Great Grandparents there too. G.G. Ray decided to stay at home because of health and well you all know he is having a hard time and it is hard to take the oxygen with him, but we were all thinking of him.
Proud Mom and we are sure that her Dad was thinking of her also.
Since a lot of the family were here for Kaity's Baptism, Julie and Mom decided it would be a good time to also have a Bridal Shower for Lynae and so we had everyone over to the house for that and a bite to eat of Gayle's croissant rolls and chicken salad it was a great time. We also got to find out how much Tyler and Lynae knew about each other with a game that Julie had based on the Newly Wed Game.