Monday, August 22, 2011

Mirror Lake

Dad and I went on a little outing up in the Uinta's to Mirror Lake and on the way discovered Upper Provo River Falls. This was in mid July and there was still quite a bit of snow, and lots of water.
Jordanelle Reservoir from the east side (we usually see it from the west side on the way to Heber.)

Upper Provo River falls looking at it from the top of the second cascade.
There are several cascades that make up the falls. This is the first,
and this is the second. There are more,
I think this is third.
When we got to Mirror Lake it wasn't very "mirrorlike", and while we were eating our picnic it was very cold(about 50 degrees) so we didn't know if we would stay long, but when we started walking around the lake it was pretty nice and beautiful. We ran into some people who asked if we were planning on walking around the lake and told us there were 3 major streams that ran into it that we would have to cross, so we decided to go as far as we could. It wasn' t too bad, there was just 1 place that was a little scary to cross but we didn't get too wet, so we went all the way around. I wished I had a pedometer, I'm guessing it was about 3 miles around the lake.
Have you ever known me not to take lots of flower pictures?
At the top of the summit. That's snow.