Thursday, October 2, 2008


September was a fun busy month. After Kaity's baptism was September 11, and the Healing Field which Sandy City does each anniversary to remember those who died that day and since in the fight against terrorism. The kids look forward to it as a day to run through all the flags, but Malerie is beginning to understand what the flags represent and why we remember. Kim asked me last year why I want to go every year and take pictures if it is always the same. Well, it isn't, there were only 1776 flags this year and a patriotic display and like I told him, the kids change, and they look forward to going.

On September 20 we celebrated with Lynae and Tyler on their wedding day. They had the reception at Heritage Gardens Saturday morning and the Temple ceremony in the afternoon. It was a fun and different way to deal with the day and I think it was fun for everyone. I especially enjoyed seeing where I work every day from the other side. I realized once again what an awesome, beautiful and fun place it is. I decided to choose pictures which show what a great place it is.

The backyard patio was so beautiful this time of year with all the flowers and foliage. I know that Vance and Cheryl and their family were very happy to have "found" such a neat place.

My friends Cindy (the cake) and Lori (the flowers) are so good at what they do and everything was beautiful.

This is a view of the main hall from the stairway.

Throwing the bouquet from the stairs...

Lots of room for visiting and activities such as dancing and eating...

The brides room...

The hallway up stairs, the bench is carved swans...

The gazebo is part of the beautiful patio along with the waterfall and pond complete with goldfish and water lillies.

The temple ceremony was very lovely. Lynae and Tyler took pictures earlier in the morning before the reception, so the only "official" picture this afternoon was the whole family group on the temple stairs. But we took our own family pictures at the back doors.

In every way it was a beautiful day.