Sunday, June 21, 2009

Colin's Birthday at the Zoo

Colin wanted to go to the zoo for his Birthday so we bought a Grandparent pass and took all the cousins and the available Aunts and Uncle. Rain was predicted but we decided to brave it and brought our umbrellas, but it never more than sprinkled all day. We had a great day together.
We had 2 double strollers and the wagon, so everyone was comfortable and didn't get too tired. It was fun to see the little kids interact with each other.

Michayla and Colin had just been to the zoo with their Kindergarten classes, and Colin couldn't wait to see the Penguins. He said they were his favorite animal.
There is a new carousel at the zoo with lots of cool animals. All the kids except Andrew and the babies thought it was very fun. Andrew was a little afraid so he let his mom ride instead.
After the bird show we posed with some awesome birds, Colin with the barn owl and everyone with Our country's symbol, the bald eagle.

Colin and Kayla watching the lemurs.
It is perfect weather for a day at the zoo.
Watching the elephant have lunch.
In the Madagascar rainforest.
Tired Moms and worn-out babies.

A train ride before we leave. What a fun day at the zoo.