Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thanksgiving Point Tuesdays

We took advantage of Thanksgiving Point's $2 Tuesday special to visit the dinosaur Museum. Kim thought we had already been there, because we went to the pre-opening display several years ago, but that was before there were any dinosaurs or displays or anything. I think it had the gift shop and the digging sand box. Anyway we were impressed by the size of it and the many different displays. Sometime we will have to go without the kids and spend more time seeing beyond the surface. We had a good time though, and will definitely go again.

Malerie and Kaity were very impressed by this giant shark, but Colin was scared to death of it. He wouldn't even walk past it until I told him there was no other way out and he didn't have to look at it, but then he wanted to go back and see it. I was kind of stumped why he was so afraid of it because he loves to get "shark books" from the library. Kids, you never really understand them.

When we came out of the museum the sun was just setting and everyone was kind enough to wait around while I took some pictures, but of course they were ready to leave before it got really good. This last picture was taken from the moving car window on the freeway.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pics and Quips

The tulip and the butterfly
Appear in gayer coats than I:
Let me be dressed fine as I will,
Flies, worms, and flowers exceed me still.~Isaac Watts

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is a First

Usually Hailey runs and hides or pouts when I try to get a picture of her, but today she actually asked me to take a picture of her. I guess she thought she was being so funny.

Another Birthday Party!

We celebrated Kaity's birthday early because she starts school on her birthday, Monday Aug 25. She went out with Mom and her friend, Sabrina Moon, on Saturday and we had a family party on Sunday for her and Malerie. We had sloppy joes, chicken pasta salad, chips, lemonade and cake and ice cream. Kaity got clothes, bubble bath, school supplies and best of course, cash. Good Party again!

We also got a chance to congratulate Lynae and Tyler who got engaged this week. They are getting married Sept. 20, yes, this September.

Malerie's Makeover

Malerie was feeling "unsafe" in her bedroom, because of the uneven ceiling tiles and was having a hard time sleeping. Changing rooms was not an option and neither was replacing the ceiling, and explaining that they had been like that for 2o years didn't help either, so I thought maybe we could cover them up with fabric. She and Kaity chose this fabric for their birthdays and I spent a day with a staple gun attaching it. It isn't perfect, but it isn't too bad either and it makes her happier so I guess that's a small price to pay. There is enough fabric left over for a bed skirt so that is the next project.

I told her she better not become afraid of frogs now.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

So much to blog, So little time!

I have weeks worth of events to report, but not much time, so for Bre, and Heather, who we missed so much I will blog their visit with us. Because of Bre's great blog, we practically felt like we already knew the kids, and they aren't too shy so they made friends with the cousins pretty quickly. I wish I had been able to take a picture of them all standing together, because Peyton is Hailey's age, but almost Michayla's size. Paige weighs more than Hailey although she is closer to Andrew's age. It was just fun to get to know them. Colin and Peyton got along pretty well. Colin is always happy when there is another boy cousin around, because we have so many more girls. He will be happy when Andrew is big enough to play. It was great to see Bre and Dan and Michael too. It is much too long between visits.

Goodbye, everyone. Have a great mission Michael.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's A Birthday Weekend

Malerie was very excited last year when AJ was born the day after her birthday. So this year we have a Birthday Weekend, Malerie turns 10 on August 9; and Andrew is 1 on August 10.

Malerie had a busy day out on her birthday with her mom. She went to Nicklecade, to a movie, out to lunch and to Build-a-Bear workshop for a new friend. Then Grandma and Grandpa took her and the rest of the family to Golden Corral for dinner.

Malerie wants a new look in her bedroom. Hopefully this will be her ceiling.

Malerie's new birthday outfit. Happy Birthday Malerie!

Andrew had a party in the park for his 1st Birthday. Mommy and daddy made sure it was special with balloons and streamers and lots of family and friends.
Grandma Barker and Trish flew up from Arizona...

And Aunt Cheryl surprised us. She came with Vance to help Jameson and Jocelyn move and came to the party with Lynae and Tyler.

The kids had fun opening the pinata...
and collecting the treats.

Andrew was having a great time. (What kid wouldn't with all that attention.)

"Let me at those presents."

Andrew had lots of fun opening presents... at least the first 3 or so, but he had lots of help opening the rest. He got lots of fun toys and cute clothes, but even at this age he really seemed to like the cash best...

Or maybe the cool scooter Grandma Barb gave him.

Todd asked Malerie to do a skit of Andrew's Firsts. This is his first airplane ride.
Then it was time for cake.

Andrew had his own cake to eat all by himself...he wasn't too sure what to do with it but after a little encouragement he went right to it.

Even in the hair. Mommy says daddy gets to bathe him tonight. Maybe daddy will need to join him.

Daddy looks so funny...and when Grandma told him how funny he looked he decided to share...

Now Grandma looks funny too.

It was a Great party. Thanks Todd and Nicole. Happy Birthday AJ!